Splice variants of zinc finger protein 695 mRNA associated to ovarian cancer
Springer Science and Business Media LLC -- Journal of Ovarian Research
DOI 10.1186/1757-2215-6-61
  1. Ovarian cancer
  2. Alternative mRNA splicing
  3. ZNF695


Studies of alternative mRNA splicing (AS) in health and disease have yet to yield the complete picture of protein diversity and its role in physiology and pathology. Some forms of cancer appear to be associated to certain alternative mRNA splice variants, but their role in the cancer development and outcome is unclear.


We examined AS profiles by means of whole genome exon expression microarrays (Affymetrix GeneChip 1.0) in ovarian tumors and ovarian cancer-derived cell lines, compared to healthy ovarian tissue. Alternatively spliced genes expressed predominantly in ovarian tumors and cell lines were confirmed by RT-PCR.


Among several significantly overexpressed AS genes in malignant ovarian tumors and ovarian cancer cell lines, the most significant one was that of the zinc finger protein ZNF695, with two previously unknown mRNA splice variants identified in ovarian tumors and cell lines. The identity of ZNF695 AS variants was confirmed by cloning and sequencing of the amplicons obtained from ovarian cancer tissue and cell lines.


Alternative ZNF695 mRNA splicing could be a marker of ovarian cancer with possible implications on its pathogenesis.