Enhancing Indoor Inertial Pedestrian Navigation Using a Shoe-Worn Marker
MDPI AG -- Sensors
DOI 10.3390/s130809836
  1. indoor positioning
  2. strapdown inertial navigation
  3. pedestrian dead reckoning
  4. marker tracking
  5. unscented Kalman filter
  6. unit quaternion space

We propose a novel hybrid inertial sensors-based indoor pedestrian dead reckoning system, aided by computer vision-derived position measurements. In contrast to prior vision-based or vision-aided solutions, where environmental markers were used—either deployed in known positions or extracted directly from it—we use a shoe-fixed marker, which serves as positional reference to an opposite shoe-mounted camera during foot swing, making our system self-contained. Position measurements can be therefore more reliably fed to a complementary unscented Kalman filter, enhancing the accuracy of the estimated travelled path for 78%, compared to using solely zero velocities as pseudo-measurements.