School-Based Programs to Prevent and Reduce Alcohol Use among Youth
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  1. Alcohol and other drug use (AODU)
  2. alcohol consumption
  3. alcohol abuse
  4. age of AODU onset
  5. underage drinking
  6. adolescent
  7. risk factors
  8. individual risk factors
  9. social environmental risk factors
  10. elementary school
  11. middle school
  12. high school
  13. school-based prevention
  14. school-based intervention

Schools are an important setting for interventions aimed at preventing alcohol use and abuse among adolescents. A range of school-based interventions have been developed to prevent or delay the onset of alcohol use, most of which are targeted to middle-school students. Most of these interventions seek to reduce risk factors for alcohol use at the individual level, whereas other interventions also address social and/or environmental risk factors. Not all interventions that have been developed and implemented have been found to be effective. In-depth analyses have indicated that to be most effective, interventions should be theory driven, address social norms around alcohol use, build personal and social skills helping students resist pressure to use alcohol, involve interactive teaching approaches, use peer leaders, integrate other segments of the population into the program, be delivered over several sessions and years, provide training and support to facilitators, and be culturally and developmentally appropriate. Additional research is needed to develop interventions for elementary-school and high-school students and for special populations.