A Compact Microelectrode Array Chip with Multiple Measuring Sites for Electrochemical Applications
MDPI AG -- Sensors
DOI 10.3390/s140609505
  1. microfabrication
  2. lift-off ears
  3. electrochemical applications
  4. multiple measuring sites

In this paper we demonstrate the fabrication and electrochemical characterization of a microchip with 12 identical but individually addressable electrochemical measuring sites, each consisting of a set of interdigitated electrodes acting as a working electrode as well as two circular electrodes functioning as a counter and reference electrode in close proximity. The electrodes are made of gold on a silicon oxide substrate and are passivated by a silicon nitride membrane. A method for avoiding the creation of high edges at the electrodes (known as lift-off ears) is presented. The microchip design is highly symmetric to accommodate easy electronic integration and provides space for microfluidic inlets and outlets for integrated custom-made microfluidic systems on top.