The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
American Chemical Society (ACS)
Time Evolution of the Wettability of Supported Graphene under Ambient Air Exposure
Volume: 56, Issue: 4





HTA is considered the most comprehensive and transparent method of supporting decision-makers in their choices in Public Health.

HTA on vaccines is being performed by many experts. However, they often present their studies to colleagues, but not to decisionmakers, who should be the main target and current users. It is therefore crucial to improve the transfer of scientific data to decision- makers and all stakeholders.

The aims of the present project are: 1) to set up a team of experts to collect economic evaluations and HTA studies on vaccines and assess their actual use in decision-making processes; 2) to constitute regional working groups in order to identify the critical aspects of the communication process and identify the most appropriate method of data transfer.

Systematic reviews of economic evaluations and HTA on vaccines and their actual use in decision-making will be used to draw up the basic documents for discussion by the 3 regional working boards. The working groups will discuss the current scientific evidence and communication methods and will try to implement a model of technology assessment with well-defined and objective criteria, in order to better fit pharmaco-economic and HTA methods to the field of vaccinations.

Improving the transfer of HTA results to stakeholders, particularly decision-makers, will enable decisions to be taken on the basis of scientific evidence, and appropriate, sustainable actions to be undertaken.

Keywords Evolution of the Wettability of Supported Graphene under Ambient Air Exposure&author=&keyword=Vaccination,Prevention,HTA,&subject=General Energy,Physical and Theoretical Chemistry,Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials,Surfaces, Coatings and Films,