Laryngeal Granuloma – Benefit in Treatment with Zinc Supplementation? / Larinksni Granulom - Korist Od Terapije Preparatima Cinka
Walter de Gruyter GmbH -- Journal of Medical Biochemistry
DOI 10.2478/jomb-2014-0028
  1. conservative treatment
  2. laryngeal granuloma
  3. zinc supplementation


Laryngeal granulomas present as contact and postintubation ulcers and granulomas. Essentially, a contact granuloma is a pseudotumor of the lateral wall of the posterior glottis. The most common etiological factor is voice abuse, with predisponing factors such as reflux disease. Postintubation ulcers and granulomas, although of different etiology, according to all the other traits belong to this clinical entity. The therapy of choice is conservative treatment. Surgical laser excision is indicated for resistant cases and those whose size is causing respiratory distress. Treatment of laryngeal granulomas with zinc supplementation is reported in the literature as one of the forms of conservative treatment, and we wanted to consider it in this review. Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in many biochemical reactions and is considered very important for wound healing.