Metabolomics Analysis of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Babol University of Medical Sciences -- International Journal of Molecular and Cellular Medicine
DOI 10.22088/IJMCM.BUMS.8.2.30
  1. Mesenchymal stem cells
  2. metabolic pathways
  3. metabolomics
  4. systems biology

Various mesenchymal stem cells as easily accessible and multipotent cells can share different essential signaling pathways related to their stemness ability. Understanding the mechanism of stemness ability can be useful for controlling the stem cells for regenerative medicine targets. In this context, OMICs studies can analyze the mechanism of different stem cell properties or stemness ability via a broad range of current high-throughput techniques. This field is fundamentally directed toward the analysis of whole genome (genomics), mRNAs (transcriptomics), proteins (proteomics) and metabolites (metabolomics) in biological samples. According to several studies, metabolomics is more effective than other OMICs Ů‘for various system biology concerns. Metabolomics can elucidate the biological mechanisms of various mesenchymal stem cell function by measuring their metabolites such as their secretome components. Analyzing the metabolic alteration of mesenchymal stem cells can be useful to promote their regenerative medicine application.