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Population mobility induced phase separation in SIS epidemic and social dynamics
Volume: 10
DOI 10.1038/s41598-020-64183-1




Understanding the impact of behavior dependent mobility in the spread of epidemics and social disorders is an outstanding problem in computational epidemiology. We present a modelling approach for the study of mobility that adapts dynamically according to individual state, epidemic/social-contagion state and network topology in accordance with limited data and/or common behavioral models. We demonstrate that even for simple compartmental network processes, our approach leads to complex spatial patterns of infection in the endemic state dependent on individual behavior. Specifically, we characterize the resulting phenomena in terms of phase separation, highlighting phase transitions between distinct spatial states and determining the systems’ phase diagram. The existence of such phases implies that small changes in the populations’ perceptions could lead to drastic changes in the spatial extent and morphology of the epidemic/social phenomena.

Keywords mobility induced phase separation in SIS epidemic and social dynamics&author=&keyword=Computational models,Infectious diseases,&subject=Article,