Nanoscale Research Letters
Springer US
A WS2 Case Theoretical Study: Hydrogen Storage Performance Improved by Phase Altering
Volume: 15
DOI 10.1186/s11671-020-03337-6

Hydrogen is a clean energy with high efficiency, while the storage and transport problems still prevent its extensive use. Because of the large specific surface area and unique electronic structure, two-dimensional materials have great potential in hydrogen storage. Particularly, monolayer 2H-WS2 has been proven to be suitable for hydrogen storage. But there are few studies concerning the other two phases of WS2 (1T, 1T′) in hydrogen storage. Here, we carried out first-principle calculations to investigate the hydrogen adsorption behaviors of all the three phases of WS2. Multiple hydrogen adsorption studies also evaluate the hydrogen storage abilities of these materials. Comprehensive analysis results show that the 1T′-WS2 has better hydrogen storage performance than the 2H-WS2, which means phase engineering could be an effective way to improve hydrogen storage performance. This paper provides a reference for the further study of hydrogen storage in two-dimensional materials.

Keywords WS<sub>2</sub> Case Theoretical Study: Hydrogen Storage Performance Improved by Phase Altering&author=Jing Zhou,Jiamu Cao,Jianing Shi,Yufeng Zhang,Junyu Chen,Weiqi Wang,Xiaowei Liu,&keyword=First-principles,Hydrogen adsorption,Monolayer WS2,Phases,Hydrogen storage,&subject=Nano Express,