PLoS Genetics
Public Library of Science
Juvenile hormone suppresses aggregation behavior through influencing antennal gene expression in locusts
Volume: 16, Issue: 4
DOI 10.1371/journal.pgen.1008762

A behavioral change from shy solitarious individuals to highly social gregarious individuals is critical to the formation of disastrous swarms of locusts. However, the underlying molecular mechanism of behavioral plasticity regulated by hormones is still largely unknown. Here, we investigated the effect of juvenile hormone (JH) on the behavioral transition in fourth-instar gregarious and solitarious locusts. We found that JH induced the behavioral shift of the gregarious locust from attraction to repulsion to the volatiles of gregarious locusts. The solitarious locust significantly decreased repulsion behavior after deprivation of JH by precocene or knockdown of JHAMT, a key enzyme to synthesize JH. JH application on gregarious locusts caused significant expression alteration of genes, especially the olfactory genes TO and CSP in the antennae. We further demonstrated that the JH signaling pathway suppressed aggregation behavior in gregarious locusts by increasing TO1 expression and decreasing CSP3 expression at the same time. Our results suggested that internal physiological factors can directly modulate periphery olfactory system to produce behavioral plasticity. hormone suppresses aggregation behavior through influencing antennal gene expression in locusts&author=Wei Guo,Juan Song,Pengcheng Yang,Xiangyong Chen,Dafeng Chen,Dani Ren,Le Kang,Xianhui Wang,Lynn M. Riddiford,&keyword=&subject=Research Article,Biology and Life Sciences,Developmental Biology,Life Cycles,Nymphs,Biology and Life Sciences,Agriculture,Pests,Insect Pests,Locusts,Biology and Life Sciences,Organisms,Eukaryota,Animals,Invertebrates,Arthropoda,Insects,Locusts,Biology and Life Sciences,Genetics,Gene Expression,Biology and Life Sciences,Neuroscience,Cognitive Science,Cognitive Psychology,Decision Making,Biology and Life Sciences,Psychology,Cognitive Psychology,Decision Making,Social Sciences,Psychology,Cognitive Psychology,Decision Making,Biology and Life Sciences,Neuroscience,Cognitive Science,Cognition,Decision Making,Physical Sciences,Chemistry,Chemical Compounds,Organic Compounds,Acetones,Physical Sciences,Chemistry,Organic Chemistry,Organic Compounds,Acetones,Biology and Life Sciences,Anatomy,Animal Anatomy,Animal Antennae,Medicine and Health Sciences,Anatomy,Animal Anatomy,Animal Antennae,Biology and Life Sciences,Zoology,Animal Anatomy,Animal Antennae,Biology and Life Sciences,Psychology,Behavior,Animal Behavior,Social Sciences,Psychology,Behavior,Animal Behavior,Biology and Life Sciences,Zoology,Animal Behavior,Biology and Life Sciences,Genetics,Gene Expression,Gene Regulation,