PLoS Genetics
Public Library of Science
Polyploidy breaks speciation barriers in Australian burrowing frogs Neobatrachus
Volume: 16, Issue: 5
DOI 10.1371/journal.pgen.1008769

Polyploidy or whole genome duplication is rare in animals and usually polyploid animals reproduce asexually. The Australian burrowing frogs of the genus Neobatrachus form an interesting exception amongst vertebrates with multiple independently originated autotetraploid sexual species. We generated population genomic data from 87 animals representing all six diploid and three tetraploid species of Neobatrachus. We show that, while diploid Neobatrachus species seem to be isolated from each other, their sister tetraploid species experience substantial levels of gene flow, and have wider distributions. Furthermore, we observe asymmetric gene flow from diploids to tetraploids. Based on our genomic and climate analyses we suggest that such inter-specific hybridization mediated by whole genome duplication rescues species diversity and allows tetraploids to more easily avoid impacts of climate-induced habitat loss. breaks speciation barriers in Australian burrowing frogs <i>Neobatrachus</i>&author=Polina Yu. Novikova,Ian G. Brennan,William Booker,Michael Mahony,Paul Doughty,Alan R. Lemmon,Emily Moriarty Lemmon,J. Dale Roberts,Levi Yant,Yves Van de Peer,J. Scott Keogh,Stephen C. Donnellan,Rodney Mauricio,&keyword=&subject=Research Article,Biology and Life Sciences,Genetics,Departures from Diploidy,Polyploidy,Tetraploidy,Biology and Life Sciences,Evolutionary Biology,Evolutionary Systematics,Phylogenetics,Phylogenetic Analysis,Biology and Life Sciences,Taxonomy,Evolutionary Systematics,Phylogenetics,Phylogenetic Analysis,Computer and Information Sciences,Data Management,Taxonomy,Evolutionary Systematics,Phylogenetics,Phylogenetic Analysis,Biology and Life Sciences,Genetics,Departures from Diploidy,Polyploidy,Biology and Life Sciences,Genetics,Heredity,Gene Flow,Biology and Life Sciences,Evolutionary Biology,Population Genetics,Gene Flow,Biology and Life Sciences,Genetics,Population Genetics,Gene Flow,Biology and Life Sciences,Population Biology,Population Genetics,Gene Flow,Biology and Life Sciences,Genetics,Genetic Loci,Biology and Life Sciences,Evolutionary Biology,Population Genetics,Ploidy,Biology and Life Sciences,Genetics,Population Genetics,Ploidy,Biology and Life Sciences,Population Biology,Population Genetics,Ploidy,Research and Analysis Methods,Database and Informatics Methods,Bioinformatics,Sequence Analysis,Sequence Alignment,Biology and Life Sciences,Genetics,Genomics,Animal Genomics,Amphibian Genomics,