Society for Neuroscience
Linking Motoneuron PIC Location to Motor Function in Closed-Loop Motor Unit System Including Afferent Feedback: A Computational Investigation
Volume: 7, Issue: 2
DOI 10.1523/ENEURO.0014-20.2020

The goal of this study is to investigate how the activation location of persistent inward current (PIC) over motoneuron dendrites is linked to motor output in the closed-loop motor unit. Here, a physiologically realistic model of a motor unit including afferent inputs from muscle spindles was comprehensively analyzed under intracellular stimulation at the soma and synaptic inputs over the dendrites during isometric contractions over a full physiological range of muscle lengths. The motor output of the motor unit model was operationally assessed by evaluating the rate of force development, the degree of force potentiation and the capability of self-sustaining force production. Simulations of the model motor unit demonstrated a tendency for a faster rate of force development, a greater degree of force potentiation, and greater capacity for self-sustaining force production under both somatic and dendritic stimulation of the motoneuron as the PIC channels were positioned farther from the soma along the path of motoneuron dendrites. Interestingly, these effects of PIC activation location on force generation significantly differed among different states of muscle length. The rate of force development and the degree of force potentiation were systematically modulated by the variation of PIC channel location for shorter-than-optimal muscles but not for optimal and longer-than-optimal muscles. Similarly, the warm-up behavior of the motor unit depended on the interplay between PIC channel location and muscle length variation. These results suggest that the location of PIC activation over motoneuron dendrites may be distinctively reflected in the motor performance during shortening muscle contractions.

https://www.researchpad.co/tools/openurl?pubtype=article&doi=10.1523/ENEURO.0014-20.2020&title=Linking Motoneuron PIC Location to Motor Function in Closed-Loop Motor Unit System Including Afferent Feedback: A Computational Investigation&author=Hojeong Kim,&keyword=dendrites,L-type Cav1.3 channel,motoneuron,motor unit,muscle spindle,persistent inward current,&subject=8,Research Article: New Research,Sensory and Motor Systems,