Filtration Industry Analyst
New Product Developments
Volume: 2020, Issue: 4
DOI 10.1016/S1365-6937(20)30114-3
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New Product Developments

    • Alfa Laval's new separator system, the Alfa Laval CultureOne, is designed for single-use processing in the biopharmaceutical industry. All product-contact parts in the separator system can be replaced after each batch which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between batches, increasing process hygiene and safety and limiting the need for onsite cleaning and sterilisation. The CultureOne separator system can be used in processes for harvesting fragile cell cultures which can then be used for injectable drugs to treat life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and organ transplant rejection. Nish Patel, president of the Food & Water Division at Alfa Laval, said: “In these extraordinary times when health and safety is on top of everyone's agenda, I am pleased to announce the launch of our unique system that facilitates and secures safe and efficient biopharmaceutical processing. Now we can offer a premium separation technology for more effective production of smaller batches of targeted treatments.”

    • Mann+Hummel's latest cabin air filter, the FreciousPlus, blocks unpleasant smells and harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides and ozone from the outside air and removes 100% of harmful particles such as fine dust. It also has a third filter layer with biofunctional coating which stops allergens almost completely and prevents bacteria and mould growth on the filter. Mann+Hummel is also testing the effectiveness of its products to support contamination control related to the spread of Covid-19. Viruses can be found in vehicle interiors, and while it is highly unlikely that a contaminated droplet from the road surface will enter the vehicle's cabin filter system from the outside air, the probability of exposure to the virus from an infected occupant inside the vehicle is much higher. A cabin air filter blocks irritating pollutants in traffic such as brake dust, harmful gases and allergens like pollen and the FreciousPlus cabin air filter blocks PM 2.5 particles. A cabin filter can only perform these cleaning actions reliably if it is replaced on a regular basis and this is usually between 1–2 years.

    • Parker HVAC Filtration has introduced its new QuadSEAL 4 in MERV14 rated filter designed for commercial HVAC applications, helping building owners earn points towards the US LEED green building certification. Parker QuadSEAL 4 in filters are for HVAC systems in hotels and entertainment complexes, food processing, microelectronics manufacturing, clean manufacturing facilities, hospitals and healthcare facilities and industrial manufacturing. QuadSEAL filters have Parker's E-pleat media technology, which efficiently directs airflow through the filter for low resistance. Adhesive beads bond the pleats into a rigid pack for even loading and complete media utilisation. They also have a flexible foamed polyurethane frame which incorporates a QuadSEAL integrated gasket on all four sides (air leaving and perimeter of the frame). The media pack is 100% bonded into the foamed frame, eliminating bypass and the need for additional sealants or adhesives. The frame is resistant to moisture, chemicals and corrosion and can flex without becoming damaged. The filter uses gold synthetic media with an embossed design to hold twice as much dust as other surface box filters. The media resists tearing, damage, moisture and microbial growth.

    • Danish air filter media manufacturer JP Air Tech has launched a new fully synthetic lightweight filter media, the JX81-B-PTFE membrane, as part of its continuous investment in the development of new products for the filtration and separation market. Engineered to meet increasing demand for high efficiency lightweight synthetic filter media, the JX81-B-PTFE membrane is a fully synthetic PTFE filter media with a basis weight of 80 g/m2 and in the €12 filtration efficiency class with low initial pressure drop. It is designed to use in air filtration applications including HVAC, dust collection, automotive cabin, vacuum cleaners and air purification. Its basis weight (g/m2) is one of the major physical properties of this filter media, and a key factor when designing the filter element to achieve maximum filtration performance in terms of specific surface area, pleat design and total filter area. JX81-B-PTFE membrane is also available in F9, E10, E11, H13 and H14 efficiency classes. Jorgen Poulsen, managing director of JP Air Tech, says that the new product had already received great interest from the market. Product Developments&author=&keyword=&subject=Npd,