ResearchPad is a cloud powered web and mobile publishing platform for scholarly journals, targeted at publishers who are embracing the mobile app paradigm. It is offered as a ready-made white-label platform, customized and branded for you, requiring minimal disruption to your existing processes.

ResearchPad offers a simple and affordable pay-per-issue pricing model with no upfront or hidden costs. We convert your XML content into reflowable EPUB files that are accessible from the mobile app.

Key Challenges Facing Publishers

Enabling a mobile strategy

Enabling a mobile strategy

Mobile Device Proliferation

Making articles, supplemental information and research data available on every mobile devices (phones and tablets)

Mobile Space Complexity

Integrating mobile publishing into existing workflows with minimum disruption

Uniform Distribution Model

Availability of content across platforms (web, Android, iOS)

Engaging readers

Engaging readers

Increased Distraction

Cutting through the information deluge, staying relevant and being noticed

Effective Channel

Establishing an effective and personalized communication channel to reinforce traditional email communication

Relevant Content

Pushing content, personalized and specific to the reader

Leveraging technology

Leveraging technology


Using technology to remain current and relevant


Provide readers with tools and services that make their lives simpler


Content piracy, replication and theft are major concerns

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ResearchPad architecture is designed to optimize journal articles readabilityon mobile devices; provide universal availability to readers on all their computing devices (mobile, tablets & computers); enhance discoverability with full text search capabilities and targeted content notifications.



Conversion pipeline in the first column explains our pre-production process. i.e. converting XML, PLAIN TEXT or PDF files to EPUB format using our EPUB conversion engine.

Our platform converts archives and current issues at record time. The adaptive articles are then catalogued, indexed, stored and served from the ‘cloud.’



Simplicity and Integration where two primary drivers in developing the platform. Built on the Open Web Platform it will extract and aggregate content from any number of feeds / production processes. The platform further indexes for search and discoverability, catalogs and repurposes content for mobile and web consumption using automated workflows.

ResearchPad primarily addresses publishers’ pain points such as mobile distribution, ubiquitous availability of content and new content monetization methods to name a few.



ResearchPad’s backbone is built from an engagement perspective. ResearchPad’s Relevant Research not only shows the catalog information available in the cloud but also supports full-text search across all the journals. Also, ResearchPad’s customizable notification engine notifies users every time an article gets published that matches their relevant research terms as well as a weekly and monthly summary. Notification can also be configured whenever a new article, publication or issue is added in the catalog.


time-icon Time

  • The solution can be deployed in a matter of weeks
  • Conversion of archives can be completed in record time
  • Simultaneous publishing across all channels

time-icon Cost

  • Issue-based subscription, with no startup cost, on a yearly commitment
  • Seamless integration with existing publishing workflow
  • Increased revenue through in-app purchases or paywall integration

time-icon Reputation

  • Increased market value by offering an innovative services to readers / subscribers
  • Provide increased utility (functionalities) to subscribers
  • Increased customer loyalty with targeted communications



How we build white-label applications

White-Labelling a mobile application is a great way to repurpose the same code with similar/same functionalities and reskin it with your brand.This is extremely cost effective. In addition to your content, the application is made to reflect your brand’s graphics and icons that your readers can resonate. By white-labelling the product, your brand equity is reinforced through mobile channel as well.


  • ResearchPad is a combination of cutting-edge technology and scalable and efficient functionalities that your readers will love both now and in future.
  • Meet your needs immediately
  • Very little technical input required
  • Fully branded to reinforce brand equity
  • High quality app at a standard pricing
  • Affordable, Simple, Straight Forward Pricing

8 weeks

  • Project Definition
    • Collect sample article files
    • Understanding publisher’s business needs
    • Costing / Negotiation
    • Sample article evaluation
  • Branding
    • Demonstrate the app with publisher content
    • Develop a customer branding / skin / features both for the app and EPUB
    • Develop a specific version of ResearchPad using the branding assets
    • Create specific cloud repositories and web service accounts/developer accounts
  • Publishing
    • Develop a process that ties into front list development to publish simultaneously
    • Understand and integrate with your user / subscription management system
    • Estimate journal catalog archive size and establish a plan and cost to convert to EPUB
  • Go Live
    • Push to the stores/launch web app
    • Align with marketing programs to be run from the publisher

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