ResearchPad - beyond-the-double-helix Default RSS Feed en-us © 2020 Newgen KnowledgeWorks <![CDATA[Medical genetics education in the midst of the COVID‐19 pandemic: Shared resources]]> In the midst of the COVID‐19 pandemic, it is appropriate that our focus is on patient care and preparation. However, the genetics community is well poised to fill in the educational gap created by medical students transitioning to limiting patient contact, creation of telemedicine patient care, and online learning modules. Our history of agility in learning and teaching is now only inhibited by the time constraints of current clinical demands on the genetics community. This publication is designed to offer ideas and resources for quickly transitioning our education to meet the current demands in the time of a pandemic. Not only will this allow us to continue our strong history of education, it will enhance our strong commitment to using modern educational techniques and tools to address the genetics workforce issues that have defined the recent past. We have the opportunity to aggressively educate for trainees that now have the capacity to learn, and to lead the way in showing how the genetics community rallies together no matter the challenge.