ResearchPad - in-case-you-haven't-heard Default RSS Feed en-us © 2020 Newgen KnowledgeWorks <![CDATA[In Case You Haven't Heard…]]> Last week, Congress passed its fourth (actually, it was 3.5) stimulus “coronavirus relief” bill. The funding goes mainly to small businesses, followed by hospitals and testing. Originally, it was all going to go to small business, which ran out of its allotment from the $2 trillion in the first package in short order. Democrats added the hospitals and testing. None goes to states for public health or to substance use disorder treatment or prevention. Reporters covering the separate stories of the stimulus package and opioid overdoses never converged on coverage, and most of the opioid stories predicted that the pandemic would make the opioid crisis worse. The opportunity to make changes for the better was restricted, in this field, to removing regulations, not to increasing funding. It is hoped that more funding for treatment for substance use disorder will follow.