ResearchPad - letter-to-the-editors-in-chief Default RSS Feed en-us © 2020 Newgen KnowledgeWorks <![CDATA[Arterial and venous thromboembolic disease in a patient with COVID-19: A case report]]> •Hypercoagulability is a major contributor to COVID-19 related pulmonary complications•Commonly used approaches may be insufficient to ameliorate the risk of thromboembolic events in patients with COVID-19•Even when on thromboprophylaxis, it is crucial to remain vigilant for the occurrence of VTE in patients with COVID-19.

<![CDATA[COVID-19 associated pulmonary thrombosis]]> <![CDATA[Occurrence of pulmonary embolism in a patient with mild clinical expression of COVID-19]]> <![CDATA[Early thromboembolic events in hospitalized COVID-19 patients]]>