ResearchPad - special-topic-on-critical-care-in-covid-19 Default RSS Feed en-us © 2020 Newgen KnowledgeWorks <![CDATA[Critical adjustments and trauma surgery trends in adaptation to COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia]]> Malaysia has one of the highest total numbers of COVID-19 infections amongst the Southeast Asian nations, which led to the enforcements of the Malaysian “Movement Control Order” to prohibit disease transmission. The overwhelming increasing amount of infections has led to a major strain on major healthcare services. This leads to shortages in hospital beds, ventilators and critical personnel protective equipment. This article focuses on the critical adaptations from a general surgery department in Malaysia which is part of a Malaysian tertiary hospital that treats COVID-19 cases. The core highlights of these strategies enforced during this pandemic are: (1) surgery ward and clinic decongestions; (2) deferment of elective surgeries; (3) restructuring of medical personnel work force; (4) utilization of online applications for tele-communication; (5) operating room (OR) adjustments and patient screening; and (6) continuing medical education and updating practices in context to COVID-19. These adaptations were important for the continuation of emergency surgery services, preventing transmission of COVID-19 amongst healthcare workers and optimization of medical personnel work force in times of a global pandemic. In addition, an early analysis on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures in Malaysia towards the reduction in total number of elective/emergent/trauma surgeries performed is described in this article.