ResearchPad - thermoregulation Default RSS Feed en-us © 2020 Newgen KnowledgeWorks <![CDATA[The effects of clothing layers on the thermoregulatory responses to short duration babywearing in babies under 12 months old]]> Carrying a baby in a sling, that is, babywearing, is a popular practice due to its benefits for skin-to-skin care. Babies are thermally vulnerable and public health bodies advise to dress them in one extra layer than the adult. However, these guidelines do not consider babywearing and it is unclear whether babies’ clothing insulation should be modified during babywearing. We show that 15-min babywearing increase babies’ skin, but not tympanic, temperature by up to 1.1°C on certain body regions, and that this effect is not exacerbated by adding 1 layer of light clothing to the baby.